June  2006  

Volume XII Number  2    jimborland@att.net

“I Hope You’ll Be Able to Help”

I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in the height of the Vietnam War.  My advisor, Louise Shoemaker, went on to serve as Dean of the School of Social Work.  When she retired, Louise traveled to several African countries to help set up Social Work education programs.  Our communications over the years consisted of holiday greetings, so I was surprised about three years ago to hear her friendly voice on the phone.  “I hope you’ll be able to help,” she said.


Louise, in her eighties now, had adopted two of the “lost boys” of Sudan, and Malual was at Wagner College.  Could we use someone to help with yard work on the weekends?  Thus began our journey.  Since I am in my office on Saturdays, my wife, Caren, became the one who worked with him.  His story is well described in the NYTimes article at:



I am sharing this young man’s story with you because the next step is to enable Malual to begin his career with an entry level job in New York. Through Caren’s Smith College network, he has a couple of exploratory informational interviews for the week of June 12-17. He has interned at the League of Conservation Voters, and has computer skills. (His resume is  attached.) Malual is willing to consider any entry level situation. If you would be willing to have an informational interview or have any suggestions, please email me ASAP.


Thanks for your help.  In the next newsletter, we’ll let you know about Malual’s next move.



Books I’d Recommend


The Encyclopedia of New York City, edited by Kenneth T. Jackson, New Haven, CT, 1995, Yale University Press.


Almost 1500 pages compiled over several years by the Chair of Columbia’s History Department, this is the kind of trivia-lover’s present that would be a good gift for Father’s Day or summer reading, if the receiver is a New Yorker, past or present.  Do you know the origin of “Tin Pan Alley?  How about the oldest Medical School in New York?   There is an entry for West New Brighton, where we live on Staten Island, and for Xavier High School, just down the block from my office on West 16th Street.  And I’m sure that you, dear reader, would find some entries about people, neighborhoods, or activities of interest to you, too.