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The Annual (Career) Check-up

Everyone knows that an annual physical examination is something they should do. Yet few people even do a self-examination of their career annually.

I encourage all of my clients to see me for an annual career check-up. Often, the best time is before their annual performance review. We explore what both positives and negatives are likely to be presented, and strategies for dealing with them.

It is important for clients to have goals apart from the particular job. Five suggestions for career focused resolutions for a new year are:

  1. Learn something new that will enhance your job skills and your self-esteem.
  2. Identify three things from last year that you’re proud of, and three to aim for next year.
  3. Do a new activity in your professional community.
  4. Review and update your resume, just because…..
  5. See at least one new network contact a month. If only half are thought-provoking, it will be worth it!