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Using the Five O’Clock Club Career Transition

As a Five O’Clock Club certified counselor, and as Manhattan Central Affiliate Club Director, I am very committed to the program. I learned of the club in 1994 when I was in career transition, and immediately joined the program and completed training in club methodology.

The Five O’Clock Club is a targeted strategic approach to career development and job search. The skills we teach are life skills, which will serve anyone well throughout their career.

The program is built around weekly sessions, from 6:15 to 8:30 PM. We start with networking, have a weekly presentation of 5’O Clock Club methodology on a rotating schedule, hear form anyone who had landed a new job on what was helpful for them, exchange information, and, for the last hour we break into small group strategy sessions to address the status of search of each participate. These sessions are led by trained career consultants.

We use books published by the club, and available at and major bookstores as well as directly from me, as texts for the program.

In summary, the Five O’Clock Club provides an excellent networking resource, as well as professional career counseling in a small setting.

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