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My Approach to Career Transition

Change is difficult for most of us, but it is also a vital part of life. Making a change in a job, even if staying with the same employer, or performing the same function, requires an individual to behave differently.

My background in behavioral health has given me the ability to help focus individuals on the relevant issues for them in the process of changing jobs. My years of experience with a wide range of career transition clients have given me the breadth and depth of experience to quickly help develop a targeted marketing plan.

Additionally, I have an extensive network of people I have worked with over the years who are able to be potentially helpful – my network extends your network.

In the final analysis, I want my clients to own their search. I do not sell “packages,” and prefer to charge an hourly rate, based on the amount of time each individual client feels they need. When I work with a client who utilizes the 5 O’Clock Club group program, we rarely need more than two or three individual sessions.