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Developmental Coaching

Coaching involves helping clients increase their potential. It is focused on business, not personal, issues, but it can have an impact on all parts of the person.

Coaching involves:

  • · Improving skills
  • · Improving performance
  • · Developing for new challenges
  • · Meeting specific agendas

Coaching goals must be clear and specific, although they may change as the work situation changes, or to meet specific work challenges (e.g., an important presentation). I have helped clients set and achieve goals in their worklife, and to strategize alternative solutions which sometimes involves further data gathering.

In order to be most effective, the client must have:

  • · Commitment – be willing to risk change
  • · Assessment – be open and honest in determining the situation
  • · Action – be available to spending time and effort in new ways
  • · Ongoing upgrading – monitoring change and making continual improvements.

My approach to developmental coaching, at the end of the day, is based on clear goals, risking and tolerating change. I am not a “guru” or a magician, but I have facilitated change which resulted in a new public company, new Managing Directors, turned professional into partners, and new dreams to move forward.